About Us


The National Broadcasting Digitalisation Project is part of a national agenda to transform the country's broadcasting industry through digitisation with the aim of improving the living standards of Malaysians as the country gears up towards a developed nation status by 2020.
The Company
MYTV was appointed to develop and operate the infrastructure and network facilities for digital TV services in Malaysia to transform the nation’s broadcast system from analogue to digital.
Benefits for the Rakyat
Free digital TV will also assist in narrowing the digital divide, especially in the remote areas of the country. Malaysian viewers will experience enormous benefits such as better quality picture and sound, more free-to-air (FTA) channels, access to an electronic programme guide (EPG), multi-language subtitles, and the ability to watch TV in HD quality. Viewers will also have access to interactive television services including home shopping, video-on-demand, subscription and selected Internet services.
Benefits for the industry
Digital TV provides access to more content and applications for the viewers. Content providers such as local TV broadcasters will enjoy benefits from new opportunities to expand their reach and business. With digital TV, MYTV offers an equitable platform to develop new source of revenue to all content and applications service providers.