Installation Guide

Digital Era

Moving into a new decade, Malaysia has shifted its transmission to myFreeview digital TV broadcast. This transformation has provided Malaysian audiences with clearer visuals and audio at no monthly charges.

To enjoy myFreeview, you will need a DVB-T2 decoder or a digital TV (IDTV) with a built in digital tuner.

Benefits of myFreeview Digital Broadcast

Clearer image with higher resolution
High quality audio
Additional TV services and channels
No monthly subscription

Accessing myFreeview Digital Broadcast

Option 1 : Decoder

Normal TV set
DVB-T2 decoder
UHF aerial
Connect DVB-T2 decoder to the TV using AV/HDMI cable and UHF aerial to your TV’s aerial terminal.

Option 2: IDTV

UHF aerial
Connect the UHF aerial to your IDTV aerial terminal

Old TV sets require DVB-T2 decoders to receive myFreeview Digital Broadcast, if it comes with an AV/HDMI input

Types of aerials compatible for myFreeview Digital Broadcast reception:

Outdoor Aerial

Most recommended for more stable signal reception if directed towards the nearest transmitter. Usage of “booster” devices are not advisable as it will effect the reception of myFreeview Digital Broadcast signal.

Indoor aerials are able to receive signal from nearest transmitters, however more challenging due in case of physical obstacles such as mountains, hills, forest and high-rise buildings.

Installation Guide

You must have
DVB-T2 Decoder & Remote Control Unit
AV Cable & Power Adaptor
Outdoor Aerial

DVB-T2 Decoder Set

Please refer to the DVB-T2 Decoder Set Installation Manual for more detailed instructions.

For IDTVs, use HDMI cable.

How to identify IDTV

Comes with DTTV label/chop with SIRIM certification
"Digital Tuner" is mentioned in the manual or product specification.

Still unsure?

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